Benefit from a 4.0 networking during the event

Gala Dinner, networking while dining

Continue networking with the best prospects you met during the day, as you enjoy the Gala Dinner.

This is an opportunity to build potential partnerships and business leads, share the goodwill of your rated connections, and meet the other Space community actors.

Data report & Leads scan for a smart way to acquire new leads throughout the event.

Via the Paris Space Week platform, scan the badges of the prospects that you met throughout the different sub-events, in order to retrieve their detailed information (GDPR). You can rate and add comments.

This is a great opportunity to build potential partnerships and future business leads, but also to share the goodwill of your rated connections, as well as to meet the other guests.

Post-event follow-up turn potential leads into future partners!

As soon as your counterpart has given you a 4 or 5 stars rating during the meeting, this implies a great interest for the planning of a second post-event meeting.

As soon as you or your counterpart validate the rating, an email including your respective contact details is sent out to both of you with the info on how to forward this email and indicate your post-event availability.

Paris Space Week 2022 - Among the participants of the 9th annual event

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