Efficient methodology and advice to increase your R.O.I.*

At the end of the event, we send a satisfaction survey to all participants. Here is what they had to say:

Overall, how would you rate this Event?

93% Excellent OR Good

Have you identified potential new partners?

89% Yes

Are you planning to participate in this Event again?

90% Yes

The methodology to attend business meetings

1) Online Registration

After accessing your member area: fill out your profile page and choose your participation package. Your registration will be submitted for validation by the event’s executive committee.

2) Send your meeting Requests

One month before the event, at the opening of the Online catalog, select the companies that you would like to network with and start your meeting requests. You can add a note justifying your request.

3) Validate your received Requests

Every participant may request a meeting with you: please do not leave any pending received requests. You must either approve or decline them.

4) Receive your meetings Schedule

One week before the event, you will get access to the agenda of pre-scheduled meetings validated by both parties, as well as to the conferences that you have selected to attend.

5) Let’s go to Paris Space Week! the space 🚀 to network!

The unique tradeshow with Business meetings, Conferences and Innovation challenges dedicated to the Space Industry.

Recommendations before the event

  • Register as soon as possible to make sure that we communicate your attendance to the event. Create your account
  • Benefit from our team's support before Paris Space Week.
  • Select your registration package according to your objectives. All packages
  • Fill out your needs and / or skills to improve the results of our matchmaking algorithm and save time.
  • Highlight your presentation sheet with a logo or a presentation video of your company...
  • Follow us on LinkedIn and / or X to promote your company on our social networks (more than 9,000 followers).
  • Attend the event with an exhibition booth and / or a conference for the best visibility.
  • Send your meeting requests as soon the online catalog is available.
  • Approve the maximum of meeting requests ; please do not leave pending requests.
  • Prepare your meetings when you receive your meetings schedule.

Recommendations during the event

  • Check out your member area to obtain the latest notifications.
  • Follow your agenda ; please be on time for each meeting!
  • If you have available slots on your agenda, request meetings from other participants directly in your member area. Once the request has been approved, the meeting will be automatically organized.
  • Don’t be shy during the event: The Space Industry is your passion, so you might speak to a lot of participants.
  • Communicate on LinkedIn and/or X and benefit from the amazing media exposure of Paris Space Week to promote your company.
  • Don’t stay aside: a lot of meeting areas are at your disposal such as the coffee area.
  • Please keep us updated in case you must leave the event earlier: we will inform your meeting counterpart of your unavailability.
  • Rate your meetings and add comments to save time after the event.

Recommendations after the event

  • Take the time to rest (if possible): Paris Space Week is a professional “marathon” offering a wealth of business experiences.
  • Give us your feedback via the satisfaction survey: your opinion matters and will help us meet your expectations.
  • Communicate on social networks and share with us your experience of the event.
  • Neither too soon nor too late: find the right timing to follow-up on your new leads to develop your network initiated during Paris Space Week.
  • Post-event follow-up: as soon as your contact has given you a 4 or 5 stars rating during the meeting, this implies the planning of a second post-event meeting is very probable to happen.
  • Relive the Paris Space Week experience through the conference replays.
  • Discover the laureates and the winners of the 2023 Innovation Challenges.