7 thematic villages
Multiply your qualified leads by viewing your expertise on the thematic villages.
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Visit the Key account village and meet their representatives with ease. Large groups as well as clusters have been investing in PSW for 4 editions. Delegations of buyers, R & D, Innovation and technical specialists will welcome you without appointment within the "Key account Zone".
#PSW village
Vibrations, thermal or shock tests are needed to verify that the satellite’s subsystems will work properly together and ensure compatibility with launchers and ground systems.
#PSW village
As a showcase for innovation, start-ups are chosen by the PSW organizing committee to present their innovative products and/or services. The Start-up village is:
> A good opportunity to increase your visibility and notoriety in front of an audience composed by more than 1000 professionals,
> A chance to demonstrate and envy large groups, VCs, Investors and SMEs to offer you collaborations.
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Composites &
new materials
The winning combination of high strength with low weight materials propels composites materials in new industries, among them is space.
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From 3D printing to Manufacturing or even Big Data analytics, it is the most specific application of industrial Internet of things. Its deployment involves integrating sensors with on-line data production machines on their operating status and performance.
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Optics &
All fo the supply chain of LED lighting, Photovoltaic solar energy, Photonics Integrated Circuits, Optical components, Lasers, Sensors, Imaging, Displays, Projectors, Optic fiber among others.
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The perfect combination of hardware and software to design a specific function within a larger system.